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racing bicycle

The first project is a racing bicycle: The carbon tubes will be glued together with the 3D-printed lugs using the tube-to-tube technique. The frame geometry will exactly fit the rider's specifications. Due to the flexibility of the 3D-printing, you will have free choice on the lug design. So you can design your own logo or lettering. The lugs will afterwards be powder coated in required color. And you will have the same free choice for the painting of the carbon tubes.

Look and see - the first 3D-printed lugs are ready:

Racing bicycle: 1 of 3 images Racing bicycle: 2 of 3 images Racing bicycle: 3 of 3 images

Next steps:

Pimp my bike - kids bicycle

Are you as special as mehmi-bikes? Then you are just right here. This new Early Rider Belter kids bicycle has been pimped on customer request:

Early Rider Belter: 1 of 1 images

Do you have special wishes for your bicycle? Just contact mehmi-bikes!

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